Deep down in the swamps of Louisiana, Evangeline finds a deserted alligator egg and hatches it under her bed, unbeknownst to her father Levon.


Director: Nadine Schwenk

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 9:59 min

Genres: 3D Animated Short

Release Date: 2020 





Family Bonds


Family Bonds - a story about an unconventional family to which love is more important than heritage.


Director: Maria Schmidt

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 6:30 min

Genres: 2D Animated Short

Release Date: 2019




Fussel, the friendly monster wants to find out what is at the end of the red string. On his adventurous journey he finds the meaning of friendship. 


Director: Alex Berweck

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 5:30 min

Genres: 3D Animated Short

Release Date: 2019


Night Cat


The animated series „Night Cat“ is about a cute, little cat who becomes a super hero at night and defends his territory. 


Director: Jessica Drechsler

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 1:11 min (Trailer)

Genres: 2D Animated Short Series for Kids

Release Date: 2019



The Booxze


Two fishermen pull a strange box out of the swamp and bring their world out of the fudges.


Director: Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Diego Hauenstein 

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 5:30 min

Genres: Shortfilm with VFX

Release Date: 2018


Zuchtkrank - Hunde im Modewahn


Dyspnea or cardiac insufficiency - those unsettling diagnoses for humans have nowadays become quite common in animal clinics, too. Almost every breed of dog suffers from man-made diseases. ZUCHTKRANK is a galvanizing movie informing its audience about the current situation of dog breeding.


This documentary is a mix of original footage and interviews, together with Motion Design and 2D animated elements to explain the complexity of the subject. 


                                                                                                                Director: Mareike Hauser

                                                                                                                Producer: Nina Schwarz

                                                                                                                Length: 45:00 min

                                                                                                                Genres: Documentary combined with 2D Animation

                                                                                                                Release Date: 2018


Schwarzfall Deutschland - Wenn der Strom plötzlich weg ist


What happens, if there is a blackout all over Germany or even all over Europe caused by a hacker? This combination of a documentary and VR Experience gives you a first impression: how high the risk is, how society would react and most importantly are we even prepared?


Director: Fabian Janssen 

Producer: Nina Schwarz

Length: 22:00 min

                                                                                                                Genres: Documentary and VR Experience 

                                                                                                                Release Date: 2018



Heart of the Forest


Heart of the Forest is an IP - intellectual Property, about the awakening of a forest after the winter. The Team developed and produced a Trailer, a VR Experience and an Experience Trailer. 


Director: Dan Franke, Timo Müssig 

Producer: Nina Schwarz

Length: 1:00 min

Genres: A mix of 2D and 3D Elements in a Game Engine

Release Date: 2017



Mrs. Nebile's Wormhole


46-year-old Nebile is a frigid Turkish housewife, who lives in Germany with her family, and hides a growing obsession for her next-door neighbors under her quiet and domestic mask. 


Co-Production with Columbia University, New York


Director: Pinar Yorgancioglu

Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Nina Schwarz 

Length: 17:00 min

                                                                                                                Genres: Drama

                                                                                                                Release Date: 2016



Locked in


The last breath of a space traveler.


Director: Christian Schilling 

Producer: Nina Schwarz

Length: 5:00 min

Genres: Shortfilm with VFX

Release Date: 2015




Tom and Janine are on the point of smuggling a refugee across the border. But what if they will be liable to prosecution? An absurd argument flares up between them - only the young man from Gambia doesn't understand anything.


Director: Daniela Schramm-Moura, Andreas Kessler, Stephan Kämpf

Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Nina Schwarz

Length: 7:20 min

Genres: Shortfilm

Release Date: 2015


Radix Hunt


On a planet, far away of all other galaxies, two astronauts go on a treasure hunting for a golden radish. But the two astronauts are blinded by the appearance of the golden radish, so they don't notice what is hiding behind it.


Director: Daniela Schramm-Moura

Producer: Nina Schwarz 

Length: 5:00 min

Genres: Stop Motion 

Release Date: 2015


Hege 34


The tradition of the fishery at Lake Constance and its change in time. 


Director: Feline Gerhardt

Producer: Timo Held, Nina Schwarz

Length: 15:00 min

Genres: Documentary

Release Date: 2015