Black Widow

A Passionate Kiss with fatal end...

A mysterious mistress enters an old, smoky tangobar. She spatters herself with a crystalline flask of perfume.The man sitting at the bar is fascinated and follows her infatuating scent to the dancing floor.They rapidly are getting closer to each other .When he kisses her she surprisingly bites him into his lips an simultaneously injects her infatuating poison. As a consequence he collapses hypnotised to the ground.The mistress is getting up in a mysterious way. Her elegant body transforms by esthetic convulsive movements into a dangerous, but beautiful spider. The pupils are changing to black and on her front additional eyes are originating.Then she dances in whirling acrobatic poses around her prey and starts to cocoon him into a spider`s web.


Genre: Commercial, Fashion, Dance


Language: None 


Length: 2:12 min


Release Date: 2015


Team: Julie Boehm (Director)

           Aleksandra Todorovic, Nina Schwarz (Producer) 

           Marius Kirsten (Music)

           Tobias Scherer (Sound-Design)

             Eric Figula, Alina Ruppel (Actors) 

           and many more...


Technique: VFX 






Brooklyn Horror Film Fest 


New York City, USA



Filmzeit Kaufbeuren 

Kaufbeuren, Germany


NOLA Horror Film Fest 

New Orleans, USA


London Fashion Film Festival 

London, England


Splat!FilmFest - Horror Film Festival 

Lublin, Poland


Open Eyes Filmfestival Amöneburg 

Marburg, Germany


Love Horror Short Film Festival 

Sacramento, USA


Comicpalooza Film Festival 

Houston, USA


Calgary Horror Con

Calgary, Canada


European International Film Festival

St. Petersburg, Russia


International Vampire Film and Arts Festival 

Sighisoara, Rumania

Price: Silver Stake Award


Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival 

Madrid, Spain


Kurzfilmnacht Schwerin

Schwerin, Germany


Bad Film Fest

New York, USA

Prize: Excellence in Freaking Out the Audience


BOKEH Mercedes Benz Fashion Film Festival

Capetown, Southafrica


Festival de Cine de Lanzarote

Arrecife, Lanzarote


Drunken Zombie Film Festival

Peoria, USA




Los Angeles Cinefest

Los Angeles, USA


Black Widow