Fussel, the friendly monster wants to find out what is at the end of the red string. On his adventurous journey he finds out about the meaning of friendship. 

Fussel, the friendly monster, finds the beginning of a red string. This sparks his interest and he heads out to find out what's at the end. On his journey he meets different looking monsters, of which everyone has it's own theory about the end of the string. Curiously they join Fussel on his journey. Being different isn't a problem in this group and together they head out to face challenges on their way to becoming friends. 

Environments and Characters were created with the new VR software Quill to challenge traditional asset creation in 3D animation.


Genre: Family Entertainment, Kids


Language: None 


Length: 5:00 min


Release Date: 2019


Team: Alex Berweck (Director)

           Tim Lehr (Technical Director)

           Nina Schwarz (Producer) 

           Marco Rosenberg and Chiara Haurand-Schlagkamp (Voices)

           Jonas Schwall (Music)

           Nicolas Kaiser (Sound-Design) 

           and many more...


Technique: 3D Animation

                        Quill (VR), Maya, Arnold, Nuke




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Anima Brussels Animation Film Festival 2020:

Kids Program


FMX 2019

Alex Berweck (Director Fussel), Tim Lehr (TD Fussel) and I had the opportunity to present our project "Fussel" at the IP Space. Visitors of this years FMX could try a life demo of "Quill", the software we used to create our short film. 

Wearing VR-Glasses, people could dive into the forest where Fussel and his friends are living. With the controllers visitors were able to draw additional plants or friends for Fussel. 


Furthermore we were able to present our diploma project, as part of the "Education / Final Projects Animation & VFX Filmakademie" presentations

Have a look at the whole presentation: