Heart of the Forest

A squirrel is guiding us through the spring awakening of a forest and its inhabitants by light and sound.

In „Heart of the Forest“ a forest in hibernation is getting awaken by light and sound. A squirrel is waking up by the sound and follows the light into the forest. During his journey through the forest it meets different animals, that are curious about the peculiar event. 

Together they arrive at a clearing, where they witness the magic of spring. 


This IP - intellectual property was developed and produced in a team of seven students during one Semester. We not only developed the idea, but also the produced a Trailer, VR Experience and Experience Trailer.


Genre: Family Entertainment


Language: None 


Release Date: 2017


Team: Dan Franke (Trailer Director)

          Timo Müssig (Game Director)

          Nina Schwarz (Producer)

          Felix Rothmayer (Head of Animation, Rigging)

          Maria Schmidt (Character Design, Animation)

          Jessica Drechsler (Animation, Experience Trailer Director)

          Michael Müller (Technical Director)


Technique - Trailer:  2D + 3D Animation

                                   TV Paint (2D) & Maya (3D)

                                   combined in the Game Engine Unreal

Technique - Game:   Game Engine Unreal  

Experience Trailer