Night Cat

The animated series „Night Cat“ is about a cute, little cat who becomes a super hero at night and defends his territory

In the animated series „Night Cat“ a cute, little house cat has never seen the world outside of his home. But with the help of a bat  called Betty, he becomes a super hero at night who defends the streets. His owners aren‘t supposed to find out about his secret super hero identity, as well as his enemies should never find out, that he is a spoiled house cat during daytime. To keep his secret, he‘s only turning into „Night Cat“  when everybody is asleep. To protect his identity, he is blackening all his white spots with soot, so he gets nearly invisible in the dark. Together Night Cat and Betty fight against enemies and make the neighbourhood a safer place.


Genre: Family Entertainment, 2D Animated Short Series for Kids


Target Group: 5-8 years


Language: English


Length: 1:11 min (Trailer)


Release Date: 2019


Team: Jessica Drechsler (Director)

           Nina Schwarz (Producer)

           Benedikt Immer (Music)

           Chiara Haurand-Schlagkamp (Sound-Design) 

           and many more...


Technique: 2D Animation

                        Toon Boom, Adobe Photoshop & After Effects




Check out our "NIght Cat" website: 



Cartoon Springboard

This September we had the chance to pitch our Project "Night Cat" at Cartoon Springboard in Valencia. 


Manuela Lumb


Barbara Slade (Blue Arrow Production) 

Craig Hunter ( Sony Pictures Television) 

Frank Dietz (Super RTL - RTL Disney)


"CARTOON Springboard is a new pitching event where young talents of European animation schools will be able to pitch their project in front of a panel of experts from the audiovisual world." Cartoon Springboard Website

Animation Production Day

We would love to turn "Night Cat" into an animated series for kids. 

We were part of the so called Talent Programme. 


"Animation Production Days (APD) is a business platform for the German and international animation industry. In effective one-on-one meetings, APD brings together financing, distribution and co-production partners for animation projects and offers focused debates and industry insights at the APD conference. APD is hosted by the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and FMX, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media, both major events in their respective fields that take place during the same week in spring. 


Mit dem Talent-Programm unterstützen die APDs europäische Nachwuchsproduzent*innen und Kreative aus dem Animationsbereich, die eine eigene Projektidee umsetzen möchten.

Ziel ist es, Newcomer mit etablierten Expert*innen der Branche in Kontakt zu bringen. In vorab geplanten One-on-One Meetings bekommen die Talente wertvolles Feedback zu ihren Projekten und haben die Chance, potenzielle Koproduktions- und Finanzierungspartner von ihren Ideen zu überzeugen." - APD Website


We were able to present our diploma project, as part of the "Education / Final Projects Animation & VFX Filmakademie" presentations

Have a look at the whole presentation: