The Booxze

Two fishermen pull a strange box out of the swamp and bring their world out of the fudges.

The trist everyday life of two fishermen gets interrupted, when they pull up a mystical box from the swamps. They realize, that the box has magical powers, so they try to make their dark and hopeless world with the help of it a better place. But it is a dangerous game, to play god.


The Shortfilm was produced during a semester workshop, called "Set Extension Workshop". We had 6 weeks, to come up with the story, plan the shooting and set up everything in the Studio. Afterwards we had around 8-10 weeks to finish the project in the post-production.

The goal of this workshop is, that the camera, set design and VFX-Department learn to work together, how to extend set designs digitally. 


Genre: Fantasy, Sience-Fiction 


Language: None 


Length: 5:30 min


Release Date: 2018


Team: Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Diego Hauenstein (Director)

           Mario Bertsch (VFX Supervisor)

           Nina Schwarz (Producer) 

           Benedikt Immerz (Music)

           Niklas Menschik (Sound-Design) 

           and many more...


Technique: VFX - Set Extension 






Schlingel Internationales Festival für Kinder und Jugendliche 

Chemnitz, Germany

Shortfilm Competition


Anima Mundi

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Competition: Animation Of Course Program


MIAF Melbourne International Animation Festival 

Melbourne, Australia 

Siggraph Highlights program


Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 

Stuttgart, Germany 

Wettbewerb um den Baden-Württembergischen Filmpreis



Tokyo, Asia

Electronic Theater


Sitges Fantastic Filmfest

Sitges, Spain